Guiding Principles

VASC LLC believes in doing what is right for the patient, but first and foremost we believe in taking it a step further and intentionally planning to do what is clinically best. It just so happens that in the field of Vascular Access device (VAD) insertion, care, and maintenance doing what is best for the patient is also best for the healthcare system.

Modern vascular access suffers from random and preference driven care. It lacks consistent, standardized processes so that each patient that enters the healthcare system has the same opportunity for the best vascular access care. We believe that Modern Vascular Access should give each patient the opportunity for a One Attempt – Once Device treatment plan. Furthermore, aligning care activities and decisions should be patient focused to drive the most value for the healthcare system. Value is improved clinical quality and reduced cost of care per patient interaction. Vascular Access Consultants uses system frameworks and patient focus to guide our approach to improving vascular access care for the patient, healthcare facility, clinician, and system at large.

Our Guiding Principles:

  1. “Do what is right for the patient, not what is convenient for the clinician” – Dr. Mauro Pittiruti
  2. System focused improvement drives sustainable clinical quality and reduced costs, which creates Value
  3. One device for treatment plan is the primary driving force for system improvement
  4. Risk is minimized with standardized application of best known evidence to reduce vessel trauma