Hospital and Healthcare Organizations

  • Accountable Care Vascular Access System Assessment
    • Improvement Science Framework used to drive system value
  • Risk Management Assessment for Vascular Access
  • Value Analysis for Product and Clinical Programs
  • Techniques, Approaches, and Product to Modernize Vascular Access
  • Simulation training
  • Workflow Integration for Data Collection
  • Process Improvement
  • Standardize Protocols and Order Sets

Vascular Access Industry

  • Consulting support for products, research, education
  • Key Opinion Leaders
  • Product Development
  • White Papers
  • Research Focus and Design
  • Education Programs, Training Material, Video Development

Clinical Education

  • Workshops
  • Simulation Training
  • Bedside Preceptorship
  • Annual Competency
  • Procedure and Policy Development
  • Lectures and Training Material
  • Clinical Documentation Support for Electronic Records


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