What is Sweet Spot?

Origin of the Sweet Spot®

The Sweet Spot® was created to achieve two objectives. The first was to improve patient safety by decreasing the complications caused by improperly positioned venous access devices (VADs). The second was to remove the subjective and sometimes erroneous chest x-ray (CXR) interpretation of VAD tip position.

Definition of the Sweet Spot®

The Sweet Spot® is a rectangular template superimposed on a frontal CXR, whose margins and internal area are acceptable for VAD catheter tip position. It has no fixed length or width but does have fixed proportions. The template is simply proportioned to the CXR at hand. This template is very easy to memorize and just as easy to teach.

The Sweet Spot® also has a fixed center point – the cavo-atrial junction.

The Sweet Spot® is the best anatomically-based and radiographically confirmed practical approximation of the cavo-atrial junction– defined on a frontal chest x-ray as the initial outward bulge of the lower right cardiomediastinal silhouette. It is independent of patient factors such as age, size, patient position for chest x-ray, lung volume or type of VAD. It also encompasses the various leading societal recommendations for catheter tip location.

Clinical Use of the Sweet Spot®

It was initially adopted practice wide by his group — Inland Imaging, Spokane, Washington in 2007 as the sole acceptable chest x-ray standard for VAD tip location and remains the standard today.

To learn more about the Sweet Spot® visit www.sweetspot-venouscatheter.com

“Venous access will be required with essentially all hospitalized patients plus the vast majority of the remaining patients with significant acute and chronic illnesses. ”
-Ken Symington

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